Lancome Advance Genifique

“YOUTH is above all, a collection of possibilities.”
                                                            – Albert Camus

Receiving compliments on how as a young entrepreneur, I have endless energy and focus to drive Love, Bonito to greater heights, I am constantly thankful and at the same time, mindful that I cannot take youth for granted. I read somewhere that “the world’s biggest power is youth and beauty of a woman” and I do agree to a large extent. Young people exude an aura and energy, a force and drive that I believe is the envy of many.

Just like Love, Bonito believes in inspiring and dressing the women of today to be the change for tomorrow, I strongly believe a woman’s confidence is what makes her stand out. Having a hectic travel schedule as I work hard to grow Love, Bonito has inevitably made me more susceptible to looking tired and dull. Embarking on a proper and thorough skincare regime is extremely important so that I can always look my best when meeting potential partners or customers. 

I have recently embarked on using Lancôme’s Advanced Genifique Youth Activator after reading and hearing so much about its benefits. Boosting the efficacy of other skincare products by up to 3 times, Advanced Genifique is a transversal product which can be used in any skincare routine, with any existing skincare products. This compliments the existing skincare routine that I already religiously stick to, and on top of it, repairs and activates 10 signs of youth, allowing my skin to look more radiant and glowy.

The Advanced Genifique products I have been using –

Reduction of fine lines and a radiant, glowing skin. All of which are motivation enough to want to use this product religiously. Best thing is, this is a tangible reality! I saw vast improvements in the evenness of my skintone after two weeks and the texture of this serum is so light it’s akin to a second skin!

The advanced application technique and exceptional formula opens up the eyes and instantly illuminates them. In just one month, my eyes look visibly bigger and the appearance of eye bags is reduced. The eye contour is also visibly less puffy. It is smoothed, softer and revived with new radiance.

I used to thinkthat eye creams are a chore to slap on as it is that last step before I go to bed and usually the most tedious as the eye area is definitely more sensitive. Not after I have yielded results from using Lancome’s Advanced Genifique eye cream. Nuff said!

Last but not least, I would like to leave you with this lovely quote.

“Almost everything that is great has been done by youth.”
- Benjamin Disraeli

PSSST! This microlink  just about sums up all that I have been raving about. ENJOY!



The White Party


“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

I was honored to be invited to share at Kotex’s White Party, alongside talented makeup artist Andrea Claire and the gorgeous blogger Christabel. As the theme of the party suggested, it was a night made for a bunch of confident women, all dressed in white for the special launch of Kotex’s All-New Kotex Luxe® and Kotex Soft & Smooth®. Specially designed and ULTRATHIN for a new generation of CHECK-Free, confident women.

We have definitely been through insecurities, at every point in our journey as a woman, especially during that time of the month. Bloatedness, struggling with finding loose fit apparel, the right colours to wear, have all crossed our minds and plagued us whenever we have our periods. Coupled with breakouts. Looking AND feeling lousy – a lethal combination indeed! On top of that, finding the urge to constantly check if we have stained our bottoms or outfit for the day adds unnecessary stress.

Thankfully, for those struggling with frequent checks, Kotex has launched Kotex Luxe® and Kotex Soft & Smooth® Ultrathin, uniquely designed to eliminate these insecurities and empower women with the confidence to go about their daily activities. Featuring the New Honeycomb Liquid Locker that provides up to three times faster absorption than Singapore’s number one ultrathin brand and the New Rapid Absorb Core that rapidly locks away excess fluid, Kotex Luxe® and Kotex Soft & Smooth® Ultrathin is setting new standards in the feminine care category.

I wouldn’t have been in the know if not for Joey Peralta, Head of Research & Development for ASEAN, Kimberly-Clark. He is seen above, demonstrating a live comparison between Kotex Luxe Ultrathin and Singapore’s leading Ultrathin brand.


The team I was so honored to work alongside.

Unveiling the ALL NEW Kotex Luxe® Ultrathin

Kotex Luxe® Ultrathin is the perfect solution for fashionistas who walk on the bold side. Besides being ultrathin as its name suggests, it also locks away fluid to help prevent back-flow and keeps skin comfortable and dry throughout the day. These are plus points I always look out for, as I am always on the move for work.

AND the Kotex Soft & Smooth® Ultrathin

For women looking for a premium solution to meet their comfort needs, Kotex Soft & Smooth® Ultrathin is just the right fit. Designed to give 360 absorbency, leakage control and soft comfort, Kotex Soft & Smooth® Ultrathin features New Rapid Absorb Core that curbs sudden gushes at their source and New Micro-Dri Cover that helps absorb fluid from the surface quickly. This will certainly help when I am on the plane as work also requires me to travel frequently and I wouldn’t want to run into an embarrassing situation on board! Especially so for long hauls, I would definitely require something soft that provide ultimate comfort so as not feel conscious and awkward for the twelve hour plane journey.

Kotex Luxe® and Kotex Soft & Smooth® Ultrathin has an average retail price of $5.95 per pack and is available at all leading hyper/supermarkets and personal care stores across Singapore.

Say goodbye to checks once and for all!